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Engine Warning Lights Stay On


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1991 LS 400 with 203K miles. My first confession, I now have 3 LS 400s. :) So, I need counseling. Mechanical, or my wife says mental health. The 91 is now in my son's hands, but Pops still maintains it. The problem: the dash engine warning lights -- all of them -- either flicker on start-up or just stay on. Is this ECU related? I believe I have cracked distributor caps and bad wires, which I will be replacing next weekend. Any possible connection between the engine warning lights and bad wires or cracked caps. Any other advice would be much appreciated. DaveAlex_98

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I agree with Skperformance check the alternator for power steering fluid damage, repair PS pump if so ( usually reservoir O ring) then replace alternator.

Or have them checked by a local autostore.

Don't forget the trunk lid wiring loom problem that manifests its syptoms in many ways including flashing dash lights.

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