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Will A 1994 Ls400 Front Bumper Fit On A 1995 Ls400

John Owen

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I bought a nice 1995 LS400 from State Farm Insurance that is hit in the left front headlight -- I have a good LF fender - hood - headlight - corner light that I can paint black and install. But the front bumper cover I have is from a 1994 LS400. When I go to places like www.car-part.com it tells me that the 1995,96 and 97 are not the same as the 1990 - 1994. But sometimes the difference is cosmetic and doesn't really affect whether it will fit and work. My impact bar is undamaged. Has anyone actually tried to install a 1994 bumper on a 1995? If it won't work I will find a good used one of the correct vintage.

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