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1000hp Toyota Tacoma


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That was killer fast, but whats with all the smoke? Is it deisel?

No its def not diesel, you would hear it. its running rich, a good mechanic/gearhead can hear that too. as well as smell it if they are on location. Seems to be very hard to drive as well. Looks like its frisky in the backend.

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Think it needs a little more fine tuning ;)

No amount of tuning in the world will help 1000hp/tq channeled through the rear wheels of a truck that weighs 2000 lbs with the driver and no weight over the drive wheels...you will never find enough grip to get the truck down the track at its full potential, without adding weights to the rear, which slows you down.

On that note though, has anyone driven a TVR by any chance? a Cerbera or the like? those things are wicked fast (when they run), but they handle about like this thing does, very eager to leave you facing oncoming traffic while screaming.

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