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Gs 300, Heavy Steering, Solenoid At The P/s Pump

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I have recently bought a GS300 2000 with only 5 200 miles. [bought the car from an old man who got a stroke, engine oil not changed or topped up since year 2003, however only 1 000 miles in last 6 years and well polished inside out. All fluids now changed. The car looks like brand new, after cleaning off all ArmorAll at the interior.]

Only issue; my steering is heavy.

The p/s ATF-oil looked like old coffe, from a coffe brewer with a broken filter.

I have flushed the P/S system with Dexron III and installed an inline filter. That made the steering smoother and removed the sticky feeling, but still heavy, doesn't feel right.

Could it be the solenoid at the p/s pump? I guess it has the same function as the solenoid at the rack for the 1:st generation GS, extensively discussed in other sections of this forum.

I need some advice here:

Is the solenoid at the pump identical to the solenoid mounted at the rack for the 1:st generation GS? Does it have a screen that can be fouled?

I realize, from a picture in the downloaded Service Manual, that if I take out the solenoid, a plunger will also fall out, right?

Is it possible to re-install this with the p/s pump still mounted to the engine?

Is there anything else that I should consider?

BTW, Any opinion on magic additives to the p/s ATF-oil, promising that steering will improve and "recondition the seals? (I have no leaks.)

/Råger (That's my name, nothing else)

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Possibly you misinterpreted my issue.

It is not the inline filter that I installed. When I did put that inline filter (Magnafine) in, it was due to the bad condition of the p/s fluid. First thing was the flush. Considering that I don't know, whether it is the pump or the rack that is on its way going down. I wanted at least to prevent that metal flakes from the pump would also damage my rack. Didn't expect the p/s fluid to be in such a bad condition.

My issue is the solenoid at the pump. Can it be easily disassembled and re-installed with the pump still on the engine, without causing more concerns. Does the solenoid have a screen that can clog? Or, any other suggestion regarding heavy steering. There is no solenoid on the rack.

There is plenty of information on p/s for 1:st gen GS, but almost nothing on 2:nd gen. Your ideas are welcome!



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