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Exhaust Leak


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I have a problem and would like to know if anyone else had dealt with this.

I have a 97 LX450 and recently noticed a puttering sound coming from the front right side. Upon investigation, I found that the front exhaust pipe has a hole in it right beside the oxygen sensor. The bolts that connect the sensor are pretty rusted and I am unsure if I can remove it if I wanted to weld a replacement section to the pipe. I have checked on a new pipe and the results were a bit disturbing: $1308 for the pipe, $30 for a gasket & $118 for a oxygen sensor.

Has anyone else had to deal with this and if so, how did you handle it?

Also, I have read a number of post on this forum and a few others about a possible warranty related to this. Someone noted that Lexus/Toyota has had numorous problems with this and has accepted some type of responsibility for it. Sounds a bit far fetched to me but has anyone else heard anything about this?

Thanks guys!

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I haven't heard anything about a warranty for it. I doubt it on an 11 year old part.

Don't know if I've heard of a leak developing where you're talking about. I have heard of leaks (cracks) develop in the Y of the exhaust down pipe. The fix that others have done is to grind it down to bare metal and weld it. IIRC those exhaust pipes are made of specially treat metal to handle the heat. As you've discovered, it's very expensive to replace. I would look into seeing if you can get the leak welded shut.



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I've had to deal with many leaks from my exhaust system. None of them were more than a few hundred dollars -- the most expensive being for an entire cat-back exhaust system replacement.

Find a reputable, independent exhaust shop and get an estimate for the repair.

worst case, if you need a replacement bung for the O2 sensor, you can order one from

here's the link to the page with the replacement O2 bung:

the guys at American Toyota in ABQ, NM can help you with a great price on O2 sensors -- they'll ship the parts to you.

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