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  1. I have a problem and would like to know if anyone else had dealt with this. I have a 97 LX450 and recently noticed a puttering sound coming from the front right side. Upon investigation, I found that the front exhaust pipe has a hole in it right beside the oxygen sensor. The bolts that connect the sensor are pretty rusted and I am unsure if I can remove it if I wanted to weld a replacement section to the pipe. I have checked on a new pipe and the results were a bit disturbing: $1308 for the pipe, $30 for a gasket & $118 for a oxygen sensor. Has anyone else had to deal with this and if so, how did you handle it? Also, I have read a number of post on this forum and a few others about a possible warranty related to this. Someone noted that Lexus/Toyota has had numorous problems with this and has accepted some type of responsibility for it. Sounds a bit far fetched to me but has anyone else heard anything about this? Thanks guys!