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1997 Lexus Es300 Keyless Remote Programming Need Help!

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HYQ1512P is the one, and yes '97 to '99 are the same.

There is a time limit on the steps to program the remote, if you go too fast it won't work, also if you go too slow

you will exceed th time limit.

Also make sure all doors are closed except the driver's door.

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HYQ1512P? what is that for? and for the key fob, I don't think i mentioned anything about an LS lol. For the master key, do i just use the one i usually use or does it have to be the one inside the booklet with the owners manual and key? So I'm guessing you don't know the time limit? Do you have an estimated time?

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Each procedure has a time limit, if the instructions you are following do not include the time per step it won't work. I can send you a copy by fax or

e-mail if you need it.

I brought up the LS because the remotes look the same but they will not interchange. The FCC ID number on the back of the ES remote is

HYQ1512P, if someone sold you the wrong remote it will not work. This car has a seperate fob for the keyless entry, it is not part of the key.

All ES fobs 97-99 are the same, 2000 started the remote on the key itself.

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