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  1. i had the same problem on my 1MZ, I was trying to put the belt on backwards, the repair manual wasn't clear to me which way the arrows pointed. You might try turning it around and see if that works. Fit great the first try for me. I also bought some little spring clips to hold the belt on the cam pulleys.
  2. Some of the ES's from that era had a printed circuit on the inside of the headlight housing that sent power to the signal light, if that gets damaged you have to replace the whole unit. Crazy expensive! Double check just the socket though, I can't remember if they had corrosion problems like the '97-'01 models did.
  3. $100.00 would be for the whole portfolio, you can get just the manual from ebay like the previous post mentioned, or call Toyota Publications at 1-800-622-2033. Probably run about $20-30 for just the owners manual.
  4. I don't have remote start, but my HS has "lurched" forward a few inches when i turn it off only a couple of times in 17k miles. It has only happened in the garage, nowhere else. Odd but I don't know what causes it, maybe it's somehow got the engine torque loaded against the brakes when i come to a stop. My bluetooth streaming works great, both on a Blackberry and EVO, but you do pair them seperately. Works much better than the lame ipod integration! The Homelink is a pain to program, my dealer had a printout directly from Homelink's website that proved useful, you might browse around for that. Good luck!
  5. I own an HS, and I drove the CT a couple of days ago. Drives real sporty, tight steering and a fat steering wheel. somewhat rougher ride but not too bad. Interior is nice, seats are narrower than the HS, but hold you in place well. No ventilated seats, only heat available. Overall I was impressed, great mileage and good pickup around town, strained a little to get up to highway speed with two adults on board, although uphill. I would probably be fine with it after awhile. Price seems OK, just under 30k to start, completely loaded around 38-39k. Full disclosure though, I work for a Lexus dealer. Although I would point out serious flaws if I thought there were any. I look forward to more driving time as soon as we get one in. I drove one that was brought from Chicago for training.
  6. My main peve's: IPOD integration is total crap, A Kia I rode in the other day was far superior. I agree with the door armrest, it is too low and the window sill is too high and hard, my arm rests right where the leather starts and hard plastic ends. make the back of the seats vinyl or leather like on my older ES, with storage pockets. My kids ride in the back and leave scuffs on the seat backs.
  7. HS250 is hard drive based, there isn't a DVD like the older systems. I think all 2010 models went to this except SC430.
  8. I was driving a service loaner that did this real bad, although my car only occasionally. If I engage the cruise control it goes away completely and if I change drive modes it will lessen the effect.
  9. Like the previous post, I too took advantage of the great lease rates on this vehicle. Overall pretty satisfied although the ipod integration stinks!
  10. I don't know about Canadian vehicles but 48 state vehicles have active NavTraffic once the PDI is done. Its all built in to the Nav system and you get 90 days free once you take delivery.
  11. Just turned 1k miles and averaging 33.6 over 3 fill-ups of BP regular unleaded. I drive about 70/30 highway to city driving.
  12. They are available from any Lexus dealer for $199.00 plus tax suggested retail.
  13. You would have to drill holes in the roof, or cut the studs off and use double sided tape.
  14. A master key is about $165.00 list price. Then it will need programming, some dealers do it at little or no cost, others may charge you an hour or so labor. I would get on the phone and call around. Also will probably need proof of ownership and ID. You may check local locksmiths as well, we have at least one here in KC that can cut and program Lexus keys.
  15. '03 and '05 transponders are definitely different. I would send it back, i might have an old transponder laying around here, I'll have to look.
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