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  1. I filled mine to max one years ago and now it goes down to min again. Is it normal or not? I didn't see any leakage/drops under my car.
  2. It seems less noise now since I've tight it closely.
  3. Hi, I changed my egr valve today. But i don't know for what reason I can't close (install) it tightly as the old one to the pipes. Now the engine has the noise ( I can hear the engine horns when the gear shifts) Will that be the reason it has noise or that's because of the dirty got in the pipes when i removed the old one? Can I still drive it? Thanks.
  4. Hi, I've tried and that seems not work for me. But thank you anyway. My best guess is my O2 sensor was bad 1 year ago and I didn't pay attention to it for a year which results my EGR's damage.
  5. Thank you for you information. So you suggest to drive hard for a long time and the light will be off? Btw, where's the EGR Temp Sensor? I can't find it from FSM. Thanks.
  6. I clean up the code and it came on again with the same code. But I didn't feel I'm losing power. Will it be anything else other than EGR?
  7. I had this code months ago and I read the thread and replaced the EGR sensor. After replacing the sensor (1 day after) the code came again. So I'm wondering what should I do now. The car idle is just fine! Do I have to replace the valve? I took the valve out before and cleaned it. Any suggestions?
  8. Is it a standard package (which has been put on in factory) on 98 es300? I think it should be in the trunk but i'm not sure where exactly it is.
  9. Do you have P0401 or P0402 code as well? P 1410 and P1411 usually because of the malfunction of EGR Position sensor. You might measure the resistance of the sensor between the terminals VC and E2. It should be between 1.5-4.3K. If the resistance is not specified, replace the sensor. You need to buy 89455-33020 (I'm assuming you have a 97-01 Es300). 89455-33020 is a new PN replaced for 89455-33010. They are exactly the same. If your sensor is good, then you might have the trouble. You will need to inspect the ERGvalve, VCV or ECM.
  10. It should tell you this in the owners manual and it is also stated on the cap of the power steering reservoir. Just add, you don't have to flush. If you find that you constantly have to add, then you may have a leak and need to get it checked out. When was the last time you had it flushed? I suggest at least every 30k or every two years. steviej I bought a MotorMaster ATF Daxoen3 Fluid from CanadianTire. But I found the color is different from what it current has. Should I add the new fluid in? The one I bought is red. It says Transmission Fluid but the tech in CT told me it can be used as powersteering fluid too. Should I trust him?
  11. My OEM CD LCD display is damaged. Instead of replacing a new one. I would like to install a Navigation System. I found a Pioneer 5.8" In-Dash Navigation System (AVIC-F700BT) on Futureshop.;catid=12038 The Product Dimensions are 27.0(W) x 24.5(D) x 23.1(H) cm. Does any know if it will fit my car? Thanks.
  12. My 98 ES300, Power Steering fluid level is extremely below "Low". I.e. when the engine is hot, the level is below "Cold Low". What kind of power steering fluid should I use? Do I have to flush it or just add it? How bad will it be if I keep driving with the level below LOW?
  13. Yeah but my oil looks so fresh. It's like the new. So unbelieveable. Do yours look dirty? I went to lots of lube shops and they all told me it's good.
  14. My car is a 98 ES300 and running 130 000miles now. I'm wondering should I use 10W30 or 5W30 as labeled on engine? Btw, my last oil change was on December last year and it has been over 6300 miles now. But when I check the oil, I found it's still marked at FULL and still looks fresh~ I'm always driving below 2000RPM (mostly around 1.5k) and 1000miles would be highway mileage. I'm also wondering should I do an oil change now since it looks so good. (A little dark but still very fresh compared with my friend's car who's been running for 2000km since last oil change) Thanks.
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