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The Amazing Impenetrable Key Fob!


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I have been completely bamboozled by the key fob for my 04 LS!! The batteries are running out on both of them and I can't find a way in to change them!

I have the keyless entry version that's kept in the pocket but the 04 doesn't have the button, you just turn the ignition switch and it goes. HOw the hell do I open it?????

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screw driver?

pop it open?

call a dealer I'm sure they'll tell you.

I tried pushing out the key part and sticking a screwdriver in the slot, but that just caused damage. I guess I will try the dealer.

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Kind of hard to describe, I would refer to the owners manual first.

You were correct in pulling the key out, the little spring loaded lever also keeps the door on the

end of the key shut, so pull on the lever and also pull the little door off of the end of the key.

Once the end is off the module will come out, pull on the little plastic battery tray to replace battery.

Its hard to get the little door off of the key the first time you do it but after that its easy.

I hope this helps.

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