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  1. Hey guys! So here we are about 10 years later and I'm on my third LS-430. I totaled the '04 I had when I started this thread, but the crash performance and the total pleasure it was to own meant I upgraded to a 2005. Which got stolen a couple of years ago. Funny story. I was at the dealer trying to decide between a 13 or if I wanted to spring for a dark grey gunmetal colored '14 LS460 when I see a mint '06. I asked how much... 14k and that was that. Went home with my '06 and 30 grand in my pocket. Couldn't be happier. I eventually started using the Michelin Primacy MXV4 from a lo
  2. Thanks for the input! Buying locally should be of no consequence since the fullfillment of the warranty is done from a central location no matter where the policy is sold. Imagine buying a new car in California and then moving to Florida...shouldn't impact coverage.
  3. Back when I got my first LS 430, I remember buyinh my extended warranty from a dealer somewhere out of state that was recommended either here or on the other forum. Whatever your personal opinions aout the extended warranty, mine paid for itself within a year when both mirrors needed replacing. Problem is, Miami dealers are dicks and overprice the warranties so I need to go out of state to get one. Does anyone knkow the name of that dealer that was giving good prices on the extended warranties from Toyota? My mother in law needs to get one for her Rav4. I don't want the hassles of third p
  4. At the risk of showing too much geeky knowledge, that's Dalek Sec, which is technically a whole new "series" of Dalek being one of the "Cult of Skaro" elite Daleks built to think like the enemy. There are a few of them and they have names like Caan and Jast and of course, Sec. Sec is the coolest looking in his black casing. So maybe Series V.1? If you can find an '06 with low miles, go for it as I feel it's the best of the best. NO ONE sells them. The only '06 models I found were either base, had too many miles or way overpriced. Go ahead, go on ebay... there's never more than 10 for s
  5. Yikes! That's incredible work! I doubt any joe can pull this off. You have talent! It's the part where you say "I then stained the wood (which is walnut btw) with a mixture of stains to get the best match." that part right there is where I would screw it all up! Congratulations!
  6. I went on the VAIS Tech website, but it's running too slow to be of any help... I guess it's me or my stupid DSL or something... but since this is working... here's the question: I want to install something like VAIS Tech's system in my car (05 LS) but I want to be able to listen to iPod AND FLAC files off a drive or FLAC player. DO they have something that can accommodate both technologies?
  7. I can tell you from recent experience! After totaling my 2004 LS430 and looking at several 460s, I decided the premium wasn't really worth it and went for an almost identical '05 LS 430. The only weird part was not really getting that "new car" feeling. It was more like getting my old car back from the body shop I guess. That said, 04-06 LS430s are the best bargain in the motoring world at this time. 70K worth of car for 15-20K.
  8. Thanks! Anyone out there know what I can expect over the 04 model year? Looks like they are virtually identical. Did they all have the tranny issue fixed?
  9. It was on ebay for a few thousand less (just under 21K) and with low miles, and one owner I think it's the best replacement for my 2004 LS 430. It was between this and an 07 for about 30K and I just couldn't justify putting down the extra 10K. This is the same modern luxury/access/blutooth package without the sport tuned suspension I had on the '04. I noticed it adds auto door closers but no mention of the relatively useless voice recognition. Did they get rid of that for 05? I will go pic
  10. Thanks for the info guys! I actually was doing some research and it seems some redesigns were put into place for the '09 models and maybe for like 2K more than my original budget I can get into one of those.
  11. Well, I totaled the old LS430 this afternoon. I'm very lucky no one was seriously hurt...a little aching neck and some air bag burns aside, everyone in both cars is OK. I'm super bummed because I really liked that car and fully expected to go another 100K miles in it. But good news is... Time for a 460. I'm looking at 2007/2008 models. I've been out of it for a while, but wondering if there are any differences between the two years. Knowing Lexus, I'm not really worried about the miles, but I do seem to remember some mirror noise issues with 07 models and other little niggles, Is it
  12. It's not about that (ok maybe a little) :) It's about getting the system to sound good at ALL levels. I think the system, while really well designed in speaker placement, imaging and matching, is lacking the clarity needed to be called exceptional at any volume. As I said in the previous post, it's OK with folk and classic rock (60's and 70's) I was hoping to modify whatever the weak link might be (my money is on the amps) without having to tear out the entire system and go through the Herculian task of installing something new.
  13. Thanks for the response! Don't get me wrong, the system does sound good at low to moderate levels, but only with certain music like classic rock and folk music. With metal and hio hop it falls flat a most any level, and with classical it just BLOWS IMHO. I feel that just adding better amps would go a long way to improving things, but that complicated crossover network and what I am sure are proprietary specs on the OEM amps would make that difficult unless one spent a lot of money to research and build a system that would integrate itself. As a crazy audiophile with an extensive HT setup a
  14. Hello everybody! I own a 2004 LS "Sport Suspension" (It's like an Ultra without the suede headliner and massage) I've seen all the sub repair threads but I'm surprised there isn't a general upgrade guide for the LS 04-06. Many of you will say that's because the ML system is so good it needs no upgrades, and I would agree unless you like to listen to rock, rap or top 40 or even Vivaldi's 4 seasons! Heaven forbid you should open a window! (ok.. maybe that's asking too much of a stock system) I find that when I want to crank it up the system can sound strained and "shouty" and that certa
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