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My Car Will Not Go Into Gear From "park"......

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Hi Everyone,

I have a 95 GS300, it will not go into gear from Park. I have to use the shift release to put it into gear. I also noticed that I do not have any brake lights. I'm not sure if its the fuse, because sometimes my brakes will come on and sometimes it won't. I noticed that when this happens, I can't get the car into gear from park, that's when my brake lights do not come on. Could this problem be related and hopefully the solution will resolve both issues.

Please if anyone can give me any suggestions I would appreciate it. Hopefully its a simple, inexpensive fix. Thanks :)

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Its a fuse, the same thing happened to my 98 gs. But . . . it was caused by a blown lamp light circuit board (i think thats what they (lexus) said...) I had no break lights at all except the top one. but its probably just a fuse in your case, but if you fix the fuse and your break lights still dont work, thats what it is.

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it does sound like a fuse......i pulled some one day when i was looking to troubleshoot something and couldnt move the car as it wouldnt shift into gear at all! check the fuses on the interior fuse panel by your left foot in drivers seat! be forwarned though either get a fuse puller that you dont have to pull the fuses or get some extras as i dropped a few (its a REALLY tight spot and im not a skinny feller! ;)


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