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  1. advice would be to find a very good local shop that deals with imports and just forget the dealer...most dealerships ive had to deal with just want your maybe you could find a good cheaper local shop and get it fixed for relatively cheap
  2. you are talking about a 2jzgte swap right? and ive looked into it quite a bit...just stick with the v8 (at least i would)
  3. to change the color of a car, and to make it look right is going to cost quite a bit. i would ask around and find a good local shop. DO NOT go to a place like Maaco, or any chain for that matter. i had mine repainted the same color and it cost 2K (and this was a really good deal, my other quote from the "popular" shop was $3500)
  4. dont listen to this shawngs300 guy...he is just bitter cause he got a is great, and has outlast any car anyone of my family has ever had.
  5. LOL...i have gotten so freaked out by seeing a black car with ski racks in my rear
  6. update on mod mileage...i just got 19.7! all city and yes i have been driving it like i stole it! lol (guess the exhaust really did help)
  7. lol...funny you would mention that...i had a k40...but my music was just a tad 2 loud...and i didn't hear it in time...(it wasn't that loud...i had the volume on the radar turned all the way down)
  8. thanks, and yea they were seized and stripped...but one side was bent over from a tow or something. and no is doesn't sound like a bee on steroids lol (trust me..i would have taken it off the day i got it if it did!) its got a nice low tone to it. -preston
  9. ok...not new...but new paint. i saw it online and loved the look...let me know what you think. before and after. (i had painted it silver..didn't come that way) and my new hks hi-power exhaust. (that stupid hitch took like 3+ hours to get off!! lol) black_3.bmp old_g.bmp hks.bmp old_e.bmp
  10. ok...ill let him know...but he's had/has worked on his cars for years...and he didnt seem to think it was that simple....well hopefully it is
  11. yea..i know what you mean...i don't hate cops or anything like that...just some can get on my nerves sometimes...and yea if i wasn't speeding i wouldn't have gotten pulled over...but in my defense..its one of those roads that if you aren't going at least 10 over you get someone up your butt the whole time! lol
  12. just a clarification..the jerk does not occur during gear changes, and it does not affect the acceleration.
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