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Sucessfully Replaced Radio Lcd Display On 98 Lexus Es 300

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I am very very grateful to one of the very first posts who illustrated the process, many years past.

For the benefit of new comers, here is the link: the pdf is downloadable from

The part CWM4319, "LCD Indicator Assembly" is available from Pioneer for $106.50 at

You will be asked to create an account to use the shopping cart. It takes a minute.

Web order arrives UPOS within 2-3 days.

(You can Google it and find other sources)

You only need this part.

The matching Manual, CRT1899, is useless. It has wiring diagram for the radio, but this is a Pioneer manual. It does not explain how to remove the unit from the Lexus dashboard. For that, you need to print the pdf above.

Plan 2 hours for the compltet procedure if this is your fist time.

What took most time is removing the vent, trying not to apply excess force. Eventually it comes loose. Bur don't rush it.

You need a flat blade, not too thick (1/32in), about 1/2 in wide and about 5 in long. Yoiu can taper it at the end with a file, for easier insertion.

If metal, I higly recommend putting making tape over it so as not to scratch the dashboard/bezel. ( I used 2-3 layers). It worked great.

Similarly, I highly recommend masking tape along the sides were you insert the blade to free the vent insert.

Not required, but I recommend strongly color-coding the connectors and receptacles with matching stick-ons, before disconnecting the unit form the Dashborad.

What you remove is the DIN Chassis with carries both the Radio unite (2DIN high) and the climate controller(1 DIN high) .

You need to take the radio unit out of the DIN Chassis (4 golden screws on each side)

to take the radio bezel off. There is a bezel catch in the space between the radio and the climate controller and you can't reach it unless you get the radio out of the DIN chassis.

Once the radio is out, it is obvious how to swap out the display assembly. Takes a couple of minutes.

Reverse assembly and re-installation takes less than 10 minutes.

Still, don't rush it. You don't want to loose screws or scratch you newly restored unit.

If you do it methodically, it's not very hard to swap out the LCD. Saves $$ and will make you proud.

Good luck.:D

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That is great. My LCD is broken (dark) too. Did you take pictures or videos and could you post them?

The pdf I referenced and which you can download has detailed pictures of every step (a little dark, but readable).

What I have done different is to apply masking tape to prevent scratching

Pay attention on where to insert the blade to remove the vent.

There is little I could add, except maybe a picture of what the replacement lcd assembly looks like.

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Thanks for the info. I just bought a 98 ES300 with a burnt out display. My brother has a 97 ES300. Do you know if they use the same LCD?

I believe they do if it has "Premium Sound System". Not sure about Nakimichi.

The Pioneer Model of the radio is KEZ-M8088ZT/UC

On the 1998, the Toyota part mumber is 86120-33060. Yes you have a Lexus, but is made by Toyota.

You can check by calling Lexus for the part number on the 1997 model.

As a matter of fact, the Pioneer/Lexus radio manual for my 1998 lexus says on the front page:"Produced after August 1996"

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