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  1. If your AC/Heater Blower speed always runs 1) low or 2) high, see attachment for fix. The most likely cause is the linear controller module for 1) , and the resister (resistor) for 2). It is rarely the $850 electronics module in the dashboard. This is poorly documented in the available publications and even Lexus service was confused and provided incorrect info. I will be happy to provide info in pdf, but was not able to attach. If you tell me how, I will.
  2. I believe they do if it has "Premium Sound System". Not sure about Nakimichi. The Pioneer Model of the radio is KEZ-M8088ZT/UC On the 1998, the Toyota part mumber is 86120-33060. Yes you have a Lexus, but is made by Toyota. You can check by calling Lexus for the part number on the 1997 model. As a matter of fact, the Pioneer/Lexus radio manual for my 1998 lexus says on the front page:"Produced after August 1996"
  3. The pdf I referenced and which you can download has detailed pictures of every step (a little dark, but readable). What I have done different is to apply masking tape to prevent scratching Pay attention on where to insert the blade to remove the vent. There is little I could add, except maybe a picture of what the replacement lcd assembly looks like.
  4. I am very very grateful to one of the very first posts who illustrated the process, many years past. For the benefit of new comers, here is the link: the pdf is downloadable from The part CWM4319, "LCD Indicator Assembly" is available from Pioneer for $106.50 at You will be asked to create an account to use the shopping cart. It takes a minute. Web order arrives UPOS within 2-3 days. (You can Google it and find other sources) You only need this part. The matchi
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