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Shifting Problems.


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i've been looking through these forums as well as others, and cannot find anyone with the same problem i experienced.

I came home and parked in the garage, i dont have an opener, so i shifted into park, got out, opened garage, got in, shifted into D and drove in, then... i press down brakes, shift into N to let car sit as i always do, then for some odd reason i could not shift into P. It would just slightly let me go to the corner before R and P. I shifted into N pushed the car back, shifted to D, tried to P but nothing, then i shifted through all the lower gears just fine with no trouble, but could not get into P untill i finnal gave it some force...

please help i was about to go on a long 1000+ mile trip with my new ls!! =[

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Sounds like it could be an issue with the shift-interlock. I've heard of people having issues if they spill something on the shif-interlock button for instance. Have you tried opening it and checking to see if it's kinda dirty, or pressing it a few times?

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I looked in there, saw no dirt whatsoever, pushed it down, the first time was pretty hard, then the rest easy as pie. went to the store, figured might as well test it out and fill my tires.. for some reason the guy i bought it from had 2 of the tires at max pressure (44 psi) and the other two way under pressure (18 and 22 psi) .. cant believe the ride was still smooth as silk.

but everything seems to be running fine, no trouble with shifter and transmission sounds quite and shifts smooth... i guess i will just take my chances on my first trip with this car and get it looked at thoroughly when i get back.

thank you for the prompt reply!

on another note, while it was stuck on N and anything below that in my garage, i was just sitting there in neutral thinking what to do with my hand on the shifter, and i felt some really weird movements/shifts? from down there, is this something that could be the sign of a problem, or is it normal?

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