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  1. I bought my 95 ls400 for around same price, same type deal one owner well maintained full service records, just under 100k on it, never changed belt or anything. drove for a few weeks and i instantly fell in love with it, but i noticed a few little problems here and there. nothing major, after a little DIY and some trips to the dealer , ive spent like 8k, and the car runs like new, (cannot even tell if it turns on sometimes without looking at rpm's .. lol) . These cars are great as long as you are willing to spend a little extra on maintenance .. if the car runs good and has clean history .. i
  2. i had this exact problem, i had all sorts of tests run and in the end the starter was failing, replaced with brand new for around 1000$ U.S. with labor, she runs and starts like new again
  3. this is not so much a problem of not working.. but when i use it, it gets hot then flies about an inch into the air and out onto the console/floor. anyone experienced this problem and maby have an easy fix? its very dangerous
  4. i recently replaced my ps pump and when draining the fluid i just put some regular hand towels ALL around the area under the pump so you basically could see no metal, then on top i used some shop rags, dripped a lot, in the end i inspected it and looked like not even a drop got anywhere down there. good luck
  5. Recently my drivers door lock was not working when using the remote or any switches inside, it would twitch, but not go all the way. After some reading, thanks to a detailed tutorial how to get that door apart... (thanks to you guys here at loc) i oiled up some stuff and it was working good as new, till a few days ago. Now the actuator completely died on me, and i have been looking for a tutorial on how to replace it, with no luck. Has anyone done this and can maybe explain how it is done, or know a tutorial similar to the 95' LS400 so i can at least get the gist of it?
  6. man thats sexy. after going lexus, i dont think i can ever go back =p
  7. hello, i just got my 95 ls400 about 2 months ago, and it has not been dying, but i did notice a unusual 300-500 rpm range when idle for the last week or so. i have noticed the car studder when letting of the gas at around 45 and then giving it gas, like it didnt know what to do for a second. I am looking into purcasing an ECM i found on e-bay for 150.00$ "1995 LEXUS LS400 ENGINE CONTROL COMPUTER.PART# 89661-50234" Is this the right one for my car? I'm going to need to make sure i have an outdated ecm first as you guys said earlier in the post this MAY not be the problem.
  8. does anyone at least know of a simple way to check if the input to amp is atleast providing some sort of signal? like with a multi-meter or something? i really want to figure this out before i go and change the whole head unit
  9. I put in a subwoofer system in my 95 ls400 with the regular lexus premium sound. I did it the way i found on here, by removing the old 8" subwoofer, splicing its input's and running them to m aftermarket amp's high level inputs. This has worked fine for about 2 months, and all of a sudden one day it just turned off, after lots of work making sure all my parts work (amplifier; subwoofer; and all wiring possible to check) i have come to the conclusion that it is the inputs coming from the headunit( from the old subwoofer). does anyone know a way to tap into the stock amp under the seat and get a
  10. after searching on my own a few months back, i decided on the simple fix. Go to auto zone and get mighty life (part number #c95029) hood strut. I only bought one, even though both were shot, and it hold it up fine, actually lifts up all on its own with no problems thus far. Only problem is you need to get the little ball/screw out of the old hood strut, and u neew to saw a piece off without damaging the ball. Good luck if you choose this route. ps took me in all about 30 min to replace.
  11. I actually just came back from a 2500 mile trip to Colorado, after just buying my 95 ls400 not even a month ago, with 102xxx miles and it was the most comfortable trip i have taken in a while. i only experienced one problem, while cruising at speeds of 60mph, and usually faster speeds the steering wheel shakes like crazy and the whole car vibrates pretty bad. i have looked around and found most people saying to get your engine mounts, bushings, and transmission mount checked. any of you guys have another idea of why it vibrates if its not those things?
  12. I looked in there, saw no dirt whatsoever, pushed it down, the first time was pretty hard, then the rest easy as pie. went to the store, figured might as well test it out and fill my tires.. for some reason the guy i bought it from had 2 of the tires at max pressure (44 psi) and the other two way under pressure (18 and 22 psi) .. cant believe the ride was still smooth as silk. but everything seems to be running fine, no trouble with shifter and transmission sounds quite and shifts smooth... i guess i will just take my chances on my first trip with this car and get it looked at thoroughly when
  13. i've been looking through these forums as well as others, and cannot find anyone with the same problem i experienced. I came home and parked in the garage, i dont have an opener, so i shifted into park, got out, opened garage, got in, shifted into D and drove in, then... i press down brakes, shift into N to let car sit as i always do, then for some odd reason i could not shift into P. It would just slightly let me go to the corner before R and P. I shifted into N pushed the car back, shifted to D, tried to P but nothing, then i shifted through all the lower gears just fine with no trouble, bu
  14. t3honion

    my new* 1995 LS400!!

    just got it with 101xxx miles, she runs like new
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