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Damn Family! Car Is 4k Past Oil Change >0


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Sister is not driving Lexus for awhile so my dad is taking it since his car is messed up so tonight leaving the family thing I say 'you want me to take this and clean it' so he took the 740 and I have this.

I look up at the oil change thing and notice it says next one is at 206k look down at tach....210k !!!!!!!! Not good. Especailly on standard or mi-grade oil.

Plan is to take it to Firestone but would rather diy. Only thing is I don't have my good jack. Is there enough room under there that I maybe don't need it? What if I turn the bags to high?

I need to run to Sams and Wal Tron in the early AM so I coudl grab oil and a filter but would need a gasket for the drain, correct?

Aside from that it needs a good detail as well.

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In my 91 ls400, I just jack up drivers side (at the jacking point), and am able to easily remove the filter as well as drain bolt.

Also i haven't changed the gasket last couple of times. There is no leak.

Whole thing Takes like 10 minutes.

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Oh ok. I am becoming more confident by the minute! I just went out and checked to see if I can see the filter and how much oil is needed and it said 5.5 quarts? Well that was what was written on the fuse box cover >0

I may run over to a crappy lot and do it there before anyone is awake enough to know what is going on!

Thanks for the quick response. I am setting my alarm for 06:30 which is in about five hours! Busy weekend but when it is car stuff I enjoy it!

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In desperate times I have driven the car to a curb and put one front wheel on the curb (higher the better) and the other not.

This lifts the car just enough to get under there.

Never leave your ramps at the in-laws.

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Wow, you guys were right that was easy!

Went down to Wal Mart and got Val semi-syn in the 5.5 quart and got a 1 quart just in case. Did the FRAM PH3614 filter and when I got home I ran down to this lot by the paper recycler, as I call it, and got to work.

Engine was still hot so that was on my mind but kept the underneath cover on while the oil was draining. Unfortunetly I forgot to replace the screen on my oil catcher so the drain plug went right to the bottom and I had to fish it out :0.

Let it drain then put the plug back in and went over to the filter and decided to remove that so oil wouldn't get on it and took it off, new one on and 5.5 quarts later I was done! Made sure to oil the new filter as well.

Not bad! Eaiser than my BMW since I didn't have to jack it up at all and a million times better than my Aunts SC300. I loved doing the LS because it stayed on the ground the whole time.

Thanks again for the help and saving me the trip to Firestone! Let's shoot for no leaks lol. Up next is a detail.

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