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  1. No, Like many have already said, its most probably you thermostat. Cost about $50 to replace. Find another mechanic or do it yourself.
  2. Yeah, the metal swing control rod is covered in plastic but sometimes the plastic breaks off because someone pushed it too hard making it pop into place whenever door is opened.
  3. Engine and trans mounts or the exhaust.
  4. Thanks for taking the time to do this. This should be a sticky.
  5. Sure, here you go. Engine mount replacement tutorial
  6. When I changed mine, both were equally bad. I did a photo tutorial. Here is a photo from it. Might wanna go OEM on something like engine mounts. Best of luck.
  7. Thanks for your replies. The next step is to borrow my friend's temp gauge. This is not a "mod", like i said my clutch was too stiff and it took a long time to get up to temp. Plus I like to experiement. Its about 8 degrees C here. I didn't use my a/c, don't use it usually. My coolant temp sensor and thermostat are new. The electric fans came on today after a long drive for about 5 minutes. The coolant hoses were hot but not too hot to touch. This is only till I buy an oem clutch, sometime soon.
  8. So, I took off the fan today and took it for a drive and I was surprised that it didn't overheat a bit. The temp needle goes up to middle just like before but much sooner now. The engine is a lot quiter at startup and idle. I drove about 1 miles uphill after reaching normal temp, in 2nd position on shifter and about 5 miles more on level. Pulled over and let it idle, checked the engine, no signs of overheat. I thought i heard the electric fans come on but when i popped the hood they were off. Left the clutch on it, just took the plastic blade unit off. Your results may vary.
  9. I will just try it for a short drive and see if it overheats. The fan airflow noise is so anoying. Planning for this weekend. Will post results.
  10. My original fan clutch was starting to go so I bought a new one online (Hayden brand). The problem is that it is too "stiff", especially when cold so when I start the car, it blows air like a jet taking off. I'm thinking of just taking it off. There are two more electric fans in the front of radiator.
  11. I wonder if its possible to make one from a big plastic sheet.
  12. As long as its open at the bottom half, you should be ok.
  13. Pretty good chance it might go up to 1.5 or even 2k. You can get a decent 1st gen for 2k. And if you have a garage and can part this one, you might even make a profit.
  14. But I do because there's nothing in it for me. Maybe if you hadn't given up your Lexus yet. Hope you enjoy your civic and come back to LOC soon.
  15. You are right Sir, what was I thinking?
  16. Thats your opinion. I'm aware its my opinion, whose else's would it be? Not a very smart idea for the majority of working Americans in this economy. Feel free to disagree. Being careful with your finances is not communism. If more people were like that, we won't be in a crisis. There is a middle ground you know. Good for you, most of us are not rich like you. Not my world. I'm keeping my car till it croaks. Destroying a good running vehicle when there are families in poverty needing cars to get to jobs goes against my common sense. Cheers ps: See my previous posts regarding your other points.
  17. I think its not so simple. When money is made, people need to be paid off if you know what i mean. What i'm saying is that the decision to buy a new car shouldn't be based on CfC program. When your car gets old, you buy a new one. New car are better designed, of course. I personally would buy a good used car, not new. To each his own...
  18. 93, So if PS fluid is leaking and alternator dies, we should seize the engine, so no one car make use of the car again? Thats not right. My bad about trade in fuel economy rating because some i know did just that but its because it a "work truck" and it doesn't need to be more fuel efficient. Regular cars have to be 5 to 10 higher and SUVs can be 2 to 5 higher. But thats not much and pretty much covers all similar cars. My point was not to scrap good running cars which just need a little TLC. To each his own, not everyone can repair their own cars and dealing with mechanics is a pain in the !Removed!. I don't. And "helping the economy" part is a whole another debate depending on what you mean by economy and which way the money is flowing, and who gets helped first and who gets the leftovers. Cheers :)
  19. NC has some good points and is right about comparing repair bills and new car payments. I'll be the first to sell off my car, even to junkyard, if repairs got economically unreasonable. My LS is just a good car till now and i'm happy with it so far. Changed a few parts, nothing major. What i'm saying is going out and buying a new car when you don't really need it is just foolish. And killing a good running engine is just wrong. Some points to think about regarding CforC program: * You can't just take your old car to be destroyed and get 4.5K without buying a new car. Not even 1k. What if I wanna go "green" and take up cycling to work? * You don't just get a cheque from the government directly to you, and then just make your own deal with the dealer. The first question the dealer will ask you when you go in is if you are going to use the cfc program and they will negotiate from there. * You don't have to buy a more fuel efficient car than your old one. Think about it. You old car can be running great AND be more fuel efficient and still be destroyed! * Would people still be as excited about this is if Ford or Toyota announced "Minimum 4.5k trade-in for you old car when you buy a new car. Some conditions apply see dealer for details" (sound familiar?) Why not? its the exact same thing. There's money changing hands all right, and this scheme is genius, no doubt. Just more of the same. All about squeezing every last dollar possible. Take up a $300/mo car payment plus full coverage insurance to help out the "economy"? No thanks I see this concept being applied to other areas soon, judging from its success. I saw an ad somewhere for $1 off the new tube lightbulb if you bought in the old filament light bulb. Homes, TVs, Furniture, cellphones.. as long as its a government rebate. All about being green these days, i mean dollar green.
  20. Something close to it, why not? At least its a real car. I rather play with 2k instead of a 18k rapidly depreciating asset. Not everyone can negotiate like you say, the whole point is to get people in the dealerships. Civic is a great choice though. Cheers :)
  21. Your car is the same year and color as mine, that's why i felt bad about it. CFC program has actually little to do with clunkers. Its basically a dealer/car industry bailout plan. Its just a 4.5K discount on a new car MSRP paid by the taxpayer. Also car companies don't have to offer any more discounts off of MSRP like they used to before. Customer thinks its a great deal and everybody makes money, including financers, insurance, dealer. If there was no CFC program, you could have just sold your car for say 2k and gotten a discount at dealer for maybe 2k off MSRP. Same thing.
  22. They are gonna pour sand mix in that sweet 1UZFE and rev it till it seizes. The money the dealer gets comes from your taxes. Enjoy your matc... er, civic.
  23. A photo would help. Sounds like it went in a hole in exhaust manifold cover. Try jacking up the car and reaching from the bottom?
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