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02 Ls430: 1) Lcd In Headrest 2) Disable Auto Steering Column


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Hey Guys,

Did a few searches and couldn't find anything related to my questions.

1) Has anyone tried installing LCD screens in their headrests? Was thinking about something for the kids. I don't have NAV so some of the mods mentioned wouldn't help me. Maybe I could go the cheap route and strap a portable DVD player to the center arm rest...

2) Anyone know how to disable the automatic movement of the steering column whenever you stop the car and pull out the keys? Or do I have to go the Dealer to get that done? Mine still works, although it's a little noisy, squeaky, but I really don't need that capability. I've had the motor die out on my '94 SC, so I don't want to use it unless I really want to.

Thanks again.

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The tilt/telescope can be disabled with a hand held tester with the appropriate program card installed in it. All Lexus dealers and many independent shops can do it. The long list of list of customizable features has been posted a number of times in the past on this forum.

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