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Bad Ecu?


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i have code 25 on the cel and when i unplug the efi fuse for 10-30 minutes(i have done it 3 times now) the cel is right back on,its on instantly, no hesitation......any ideas guys?

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i disconnected the battery and the light went out, the thing is, i had a slight misfire, it was occasional, i did a tuneup with all dealer parts, still had a misfire so i took it to a shop and they said injector misfire, when i put injector cleaner in it it went away,so....i bought some injectoer (rebuilt) and had em put in, it ran fine for about 500 miles, then i decided to take the car up to 100 mph to give it a test and it started misfiring again...since the light would not go out after disconnecting the efi fuse i thought something was wrong with the ecu....i guess i was wrong, maybe i have a faulty injector, should have bought new ones from the dealer but they are too expensive, o and btw when i put injector cleaner in it runs fine, no misfire at idle

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