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What To Get My Wife?


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Any good ideas for some gift idea's for my wife. Her 1st mother's day is coming up and our anniversary is right after. I have gotten her jewelry for just about everything lately. But I am once again kind of leaning that way. I was kind of trying to think of something different this year. The bad thing is that we are the type of people that when we want something we buy it with in reason of course. So cameras, camcorders...and Ipods and that sort of thing we have. I honestly can not think of one thing that she has said she wants...that we have not purchased already.

Here are a couple of idea's that I have...

For mother's day...

1) Jewelry- Mom pendant white gold and diamond necklace.

2) Have a oil painting done from a picture of our baby for her. (I think this is kind of original)


1) Have the Grand parents watch the baby and get a room at the beach and have dinner.


3) Some gift cards to her favorite stores...and she can go shopping.

Well anyone with any other ideas? And since she has taken over my Lexus since we have had the little one...a Lexus is out of the question. :D

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Have Grandparents watch the baby for the weekend.... head to the beach/mini-cruise/Bahamas

If she's into being pampered - a gift certificate to the local spa

Gift cert. to her favorite clothing store

Jewelry with the baby's birthstone

Does she have any hobbies?

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Going with RYA...Local Spa and a romantic weekend with a special dinner.... ;) Drop the jewelry and surprise her with Romance and Flowers, of course.

Thanks...for the ideas. I think I am going to take her out for dinner and get a room in Ocean City and surprise her when we get there, there is this restaraunt that we used to go to all of the time but we have not been since the little one has arrived called Marlin Moon. If anyone is ever in the area check it out, the food is to die for. Flowers are always a great touch to any gift. As far as the spa thing she has $250 in gift cert that she still has not used from Christmas, she keeps telling me that she is going to make and appointment to go but unless one of her sisters go with her she probably won't??? Woman thing I guess. Thanks again for the ideas...

By the way RF how is the car?

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