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Seafoaming @ High Miles.


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Howdy guys, I'd like to thank everyone right off the bat for all the helpful stuff on this forum! It's incredible! I bought my lexus last year in may/march and have been trying to "clean it up".

I've replaced the coolant with proper toyota pink, replaced the old ATF fluid, and have been slowly replacing the PS fluid. Have done the brakes, taken off the back mufflers, and softened up the leather. My lexus is just short of the 310k mark, and its still an incredible car! However, since I bought the car I've been trying to get that original lexus ride back, which seems to have faded. Replacing one of the bearings on the front end reduced noise (and belt wear, lol) by a TON. However, I still can hear what I "think" are lifters while the car is running. Aside from that, the hoses are all old, and by the look and feel of them, ready to give up the ghost. But before I do that...

I'm thinking of seafoaming the sucker, but I'm scared. How is the UZ1-FE going to handle 17 years of buildup? Has anyone ever "ruined" a car by running seafoam through it? I'm sure I'll smoke out the neighbours, but they are the least of my concern at the moment.

Sorry about another "seafoam" question, I just haven't seen alot of high mileage LS400's attempt it yet. Maybe I'm blind. :)

Thanks guys!

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i've seafoamed my mazda 626 with 175k on it without any issues resulting from the seafoam... i've had other issues but nothing to do with the seafoam. You've got some major mileage and although seafoam doesn't appear to be harsh at all i doubt it will do anything major good or bad in a single treatment....

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