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19" Or 20" Wheels?


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I'd like input from those of you who have upgraded to either 19" or 20" wheels/tires. I cannot decide which size to upgrade to. I'd like to fill the wheel-wells fully, so spacer and stagger info would also be helpful. I'm going with forged wheels and most likely Michelin Pilot Sports, which, from reading past forums, sound like the best tires for our SC's.... also would like to hear about coil-over and shock/spring setups, too. (Right now my suspension is totally stock.) I live in Chicago, and the roads are in pretty bad shape overall, so maybe 19" with a slightly larger aspect ratio would be the smarter choice? (I switch to stock wheels w/snow tires in the winter.) Any input is appreciated. THANKS!

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Definitely 20's!!!!
WOW! with everyone who mods their wheels/tires on this forum, i don't get any input at all??

Check out club lexus. They have a sticky on the sc430 forum about wheels with a link to an awesome write up on all the different wheel and tire combos including sizes, offsets ect.

I too live in Chicago (Westmont) and just purchased wheels and tires. I went with 19 inch based partly on the cost of tires. The 19's can be had for ~$170 each at tire rack, but the 20's are $280 or more.

Here's a pic I just took at the dealer with my phone right after they were installed. If you look in the window, you can see my old pie plates. Mine are 255/35/19 +45 offset in the front and 275/30/19 in the rear with 45 offset. The fronts rub, just barely, with the front upper control arm. I had to take them off. I ordered a 5mm space from H and R and it should be here tomorrow.


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