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  1. I myself because you say you are gonna keep the car a long time I would go with the new model with less miles because it still has the warranty which means less money out of your pocket in the long run for maintenance. Just my opinion.
  2. That is why I posted it on this forum hopeing you would see it and join us. I will let you know when we plan another get together. We are gonna try and get a cruz going maybe out to Newport one of these weekends.
  3. We had meet and greet friday night at Garden City. We had a few cars show up. A 09 black IS, an 07 black IS, a 08 black IS-F, a matador red 06 IS and my 05 absolutely red SC 430. Not bad for a last minute try for a meet and greet of local Lexus enthuseists from around Lil Rhodey.
  4. Gosh! Toyota dealer wants 50 bucks for each sensor regestering operation = 200, + 100 bucks for obligatory tire mounting (even not needed for me) As far as I know, Honda's service is allways more expensive, so don't even call them [off]Yesterday my neighbour scratched my bumper, previously scratched by myself 3 times in the same place (front right corner). Cops were wondered how to sign out the proper one. This car becomes annoying God damn this financial crisis! It is responsible for everything!![/off] WOW your Toyota "stealership" is a rip off. A Toyota dealer near where I work programmed my TPMS sensors to my car for $95 and that was for all 4 tires.
  5. On the other forum we are trying to get some local Lil Rhodey Lexus owners together for a meet and greet of other local Lexus owners. Anybody here interested? I suggested the empty Circut City parking lot in Garden City in Cranston as it is pretty cental spot in R.I. Maybe try monthly get togethers.
  6. That is huge, free corrective eye surgury. Anything for our guys and gals in the service to help make their service for our country easier. Congrats
  7. I bought my SC 430 about 6 months ago and within the first month I replaced the run flats and pie plate wheels. I kept all 4 of the stock tires and rims intact and store them in my shed. When I travel out of state I put one of them in the trunk as a spare that way I always have a full size spare.
  8. You can try local Lexus dealers. Some will install it and some won't. If they won't sometimes they can recommend some local shop that may install the Luxlink for you. Also try local Benz dealers because some of their customers may have had the Luxlink installed. If you do get it installed come back and let us know how you made out and how you like it. Good Luck
  9. Here is a link. Good Luck
  10. No not from your keyless entry. There is the Luxlink that will do the trick. You can get more info if you do a search for Luxlink.
  11. This guy rules LOL.
  12. most often times it comes down to the brand and grade of gas you are using. Try various brands and see if the smell lessens with others. If you search on "sulfur" or "rotten eggs" you will find many a thread. If you look on at most any year and model of Lexus, you will see a TSB announcement usually entitled "Exhaust System - Excessive Sulfur Odors". steviej I just wanted to update some. I had been using Hess gas mainly since I bought my car because it was always the cheapest using 93 octane. I have been trying different gas stations and have tried Shell and Mobile so far. Doing at least 4-5 tank fulls of each different gas. Shell dramitically reduced "the smell" in frequincy and amount of stank. Mobile reduced the frequincy of smell but when it did smell it was alot worse of stink. I just started yesterday trying Sunoco. We will so how that works and I will also try Lukeoil and Texaco and a couple other brands around here and I will keep the board informed.
  13. I didn't know Bentley made a AWD model. You learn something new everyday. Amcdonal I think you are wrong because todays automatic trannys shift SOOOO smooth you don't feel them shifting and it is hard to beat them "off the line" because they shift so smooth and fast.
  14. Talk about crazy rich car options.