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Dash Lights | Tcs Blinking And Abs On


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1997 ES300 170,000 miles.

In the past week I've noticed that intermittently the "TCS off" light has been blinking and the ABS light has come on simultaneously.

How would I remedy this? I'm thinking that it's a sensor problem. But assistance would be appreciated.

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I am having this same problem. It happened after I changed my struts. I was thinking is was a speed sensor. But, when we had freezing rain the other day and I started my car, let it warm up and started to drive, the lights went off. I shut the car down and started it back up and they popped up again. I am thinking of taking it to a shop with an ABS scanner. Any info.?

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As a followup...

The tire pressures in the front tires were unusually high. (Added air at the station w/o a guage and forgot to adjust them when I got home). Adjusted them to 32psi and lights have not come on. This car does NOT have tire pressure sensors. Guess the jarring effect caused the lights to come on???

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It happened to me after I changed the Struts with Strut mounts.

I fixed by myself.

If you can lift up the vehicle, you can easily find a socket (normally 2 pins or 3pins) behind brakes or near hub.

The repair shop guys didn't plug the socket properly. (I think that the socket is for the communication for brake-functionality,ABS, and TCS)

I pull out the socket (easy) and plug it back firmly.

Then it works fine and doesn't show me any sign of ABS or TCS lights.

Hope it helps.

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