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Check Engine Message

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I recently had the check engine light come on. The dealer said I must have had the car running while refeuling...which I insisted didn't happen. He reset the light. Two days later it came on again. This time they changed the feul cap. We will see if this works. The computer shouldn't be so sensitive!


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Most modern-day vehicles are gas cap-sensitive. I've read many posts in other forums of this type of thing happening. One of the things I like about my Corvette is that I can search the exact code that generates the warning light. Then, I can peruse a list of codes (on-line) and determine what the exact problem is. I can also monitor oil pressure, oil temperature, system voltage, individual tire pressure, etc in digital readout form and for many, in analog gauge form. Monitoring processes is very valuable, IMO and I hope other manufacturers will add more info to their dashes, sometime in the near future.

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