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Cel Vsc Vsc Off Lights On

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On my 01 GS 430, the Check Engine Light, VSC light, and the VSC OFF light have recently cut on. I was wondering what exactly the problem is and the cost of how it is to fix. Any help or suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

I have had the same issue with mine for almost 2yrs now. When I first reported the issue to Lexus they told me it was because my brake pads were worn. They replaced them and for about a couple months it went away. Then it came back. Took it back again and they told me that the disks were warped and at the same time I had them replace the back brakes. Again, the really loud motorized grinding noise came back and every once in a while the Check Engine/ABS/VSC lights came on. Took it back again and they were able to reproduce the sounds and then they proceeded to tell me it was my master cylinder and that it needed replaced. They quoted me at $2500 parts/labor. I've found an after market master cylinder for $600 and I'm trying to determine if it has everything I need to replace the existing unit. The issue seems to come and go. For instance, I've gone 3 weeks without any sound or lights and just the other day it came back.

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Just fixed this same problem on my 98 GS. It was a throttle position sensor that had gone out, had a shop here in town fix it for me. The sensor is a $300 part plus labor. They had to get the part from the dealer so they screw you for it.

price for ordering my tps from "" $75 dollars

price for putting tps on by myself ............................. 8 minutes

satisfaction of knowing i didnt get suckered by a mechanic.............. "priceless" ;)

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i have the same issue with my 98 gs400. i had the ball joints replaced recently and now i ahve the VSC, VSC on and the check engine light on.

blairgs, i looked for the part on lexuspartsworld and could not find it. any suggestions? how involved was the process to replace the TPS?


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I have a '98 GS300 and has the CEL, VSC and VSC OFF lights come on. Pedal went to the floor, i.e. car went into limp mode (cable throttle only). Switching off the ignition solved the problem for a few miles (warning lights stayed on) Plugged in the OBD2 reader and got the following codes:

P1121 - Throttle position sensor

P1120 - Throttle Pedal Position Sensor

P1128 - Throttle Control Motor Lock

Problem was the Pedal Position Sensor. Turns out the 3 items listed above are closely linked and if one goes faulty, the rest throw up a code. Unfortunately I had already replaced the TPS (bought online for $89) and a 10 minute install. Also had pulled the throttle body out and cleaned it (no harm) - but all of this unnecessary - Pedal Position Sensor was the simple cause.

If I have problems, will post them, but hoping problem solved. Used this forum to figure out the problem - so hopefully this post can help someone else.

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