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07 Is250 - Water Drips Inside When Opening Driver Side Door

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I have an 07 IS250 and it appears that the rain water draining method is very poor around the doors. Whenever i drive in the rain (or wash my car), park into a garage and then open my door, water from the roof drips all over the left side of my body. If i am not in the car, the water would just drip on the seat. This happens on all of my doors.

Has anyone else seen this issue? I would imagine it would be very common among other 2nd gen IS owners unless there is something specifically wrong with my car.


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Well, pretty much ANY car without gutters on the roof (which I believe is EVERY car built like for the past 20 years?) will drip a little water in if there's enough near the edge of the door. Our IS does it, my Subaru does it too.

I always just take a quick spin around the block after a wash before drying with a chamois. Helps for the most part. I don't think there's anything wrong with your car. Kind of a pain though. As long as when you door is closed no water is coming in, then I think what you describe is normal.

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