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Hello ALL,

I have a Lexus IS300 and I have barely done anything to it. I'm new to the forum and am REALLY interested in tuning my car out to the MAX! I'm not experienced in installing anything but I am open to learn and try! I'd have to go out and buy tools and everything but for now I am interested in purchasing what I need just so that I could have it with me and take my time in installing everything maybe one or two at a time. I'd like to find out what everyone recommends and hear from EVERYONE.

Let me know what you think I should get and where I should get it, a link would be useful.

If you live in San Francisco specific stores or shops would help also.

What I have now (I'm willing to replace what I already have):

-HKS Hi-power exhaust

NOT Much I know but I've just been saving up to get a lot more performance parts all the extra parts like to make the car look good can come later.

Have you guys any comments about the website I've been looking into their turbo they have for 5,000.

I don't know much that's why I come to you guys ... :blushing:

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ANOTHER THING when I accelerate I get a sound like a piece of metal jumping around somewhere ... my girlfriend says it sounds like a cricket lol but to me it sounds like if you were to put a piece of metal in a metal cube and shake it or something in my old car a 1991 Lexus LS400 I had the same problem and after taking it to a shop they said it could be the catalytic converter could this be the same issue on my IS300? the sound is NOT always there also it comes and stays there and you ONLY hear it when I accelerate and then sometimes its not there. can anyone help? or has anyone ever had this issue?

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Welcome to the LOC titino. The IS 300's are a great platform car if your in the market to do mods. Before you go much further, may I suggest some reading up on the forums first. There is a thread at the top of this forum called Modifying an IS 300, Chronicles of a Dream Ride. If you read it, you may see some good ideas that could help you come up with your own. If you post on that thread to the OP, he might come on and answer your questions, and help give you the step by steps you need.

As for the sound your hearing, it very well could be the cat. Sometimes a chunk can break off and rattle around in there. Sometimes it can get wedged in there and so it seems to have gone away for awhile, but then you'll hit a bump or throttle up at the right time and kick it free again.

Lextasy is ok. They have some good parts, but they mostly just carry candy there, no meat and potatoes go fast stuff. If your gonna buy a turbo, I would definately read that thread first then.

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