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When I took my RX300 to an independent shop for the 90K checkup, I asked him what services he recommended. He went to a web site, printed a list, and then tore off the right hand side of the page before he gave it to me. I assume that he was tearing off prices or time recommendations, neither of which would have affected my decision to have him do the work.

What web sites do independent shops use for Lexus information? The header at the bottom of the page he printed was not helpful. Moreover, it would seem that any confidential information on the web site would have been accessed with a password. Maybe it was accessed with a cached password on his computer. He did not type one in while he was waiting for the page to open.

Heck, I don't mind the guy making a profit!

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It all comes down to the experience of the shop. Just as with anything, you have good ones and bad ones. Research and find a shop that has plenty of experience and you feel comfortable with. The biggest mistake people make regarding shops is they do not shop around. They hear a guy say I know what the prob is and they feel like they are obligated to use around and find a good mechanic who has GOOD REFERRALS and repeat business. Ask for a reference from anoother Lexus customer or two. If they can't provide you with these referrences, DON'T USE THEM. Just be upfront and tell them you are researching and need referrences to earn your business.

In respect to what you should have done at 90K:

Tranny flush

Radiator Flush

Oil change

ALL FILTERS CHANGED: oil, fuel, air, cabin filter,

Other than these, Unless you have an issue do not have it done. DO NOT EVER GIVE IN TO PRESSURE AT A SHOP....a good shop will not pressure youat all. Most good mechanics will just tell you the problem and price and leave the decision to you. Research the shop and wait until you are comfortable.

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