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  1. Why cannot I not buy just the plastic case? The blade is held in the case with a single screw. That screw can be removed, and the blade can be moved to a new case. Why is no one doing that? If I buy a Lexus key case, it's $58 from Sewell plus $10 for shipping. Please send me your contact information. No one around here will cut a key bought on eBay. I'll be glad to pass your name and address to others, so long as your return shipping charges are reasonable. These things can be shipped for $1.50 by First Class Mail.
  2. The plastic on my wife's 2000 RX300 key broke. The blade will not stay in the plastic. The blade is fine. The FOB is fine. Everything is fine except the plastic that holds the blade broke with use. Replacement blades and plastics are available on eBay, but so far, everyone says the blade has to be recut. One automotive locksmith quoted me $89, and another quoted $40. The Lexus dealership will not sell me a blank key. If I had a blank key, I could remove the tiny screw that holds the blade in the plastic, move my blade to the new plastic, and move the electronics module to the new plastic she
  3. My wife has an iPhone 3G that she wants to play though the radio. Using an FM transmitter is not an option because of the high density of radio stations in our area. Adding a hard wired iPhone adapter is not an option unless I lose the multiple CD player in the glove box, which I don't want to do. None of the regular car audio dealers that I have checked (Circuit City, Best Buy, Crutchfield, and more) lists an aftermarket radio for this car. Where can I get an aftermarket radio that has an auxiliary or iPod interface? Alternatively, where can I get a Lexus AM/FM/CD unit to replace this AM/FM/
  4. Regarding the flare nut wrenches, one of the links above is to standard. Isn't a Lexus all metric, making the following wrenches the correct ones?
  5. When I took my RX300 to an independent shop for the 90K checkup, I asked him what services he recommended. He went to a web site, printed a list, and then tore off the right hand side of the page before he gave it to me. I assume that he was tearing off prices or time recommendations, neither of which would have affected my decision to have him do the work. What web sites do independent shops use for Lexus information? The header at the bottom of the page he printed was not helpful. Moreover, it would seem that any confidential information on the web site would have been accessed with a passw
  6. Transmission troubles with RX300s are discussed frequently here, but I'm not clear on which models are affected. Specifically, I have a 2000 RX300 two-wheel drive. Am I likely to have problems, or are those problems usually with all-wheel drive cars?
  7. The original post was from 2004. Is the poster still providing them?
  8. Further to my original post, I'm told that the error code indicates that the Bank 1 Row 2 O2 sensor is bad. Does that make sense, or have I misunderstand something?
  9. Thanks for the responses. My wife had the code checked, so I don't know the exact code. Not only will I get the exact code, but I will shop for the best pricing before I take a stab at it.
  10. The check engine light is illuminating from time to time on my 2000 RX300. It may stay lit for a day or for a week. According to the diagnostic code, one of the (front?) oxygen sensors is defective. AutoZone can supply the sensor for $130. How difficult is it to change? The last two sensors I had my shop replace were $500 each. The car runs perfectly, and the gas mileage is normal. I'm thinking that this is another case of the sensor failing instead of a functional part of the car failing. Of course now I need to determine whether this sensor is the same one that was replaced a year ago.
  11. We have a 2000 model. Are all RX300s AWD, or is it an option? We bought ours used. The previous owner appears to have taken good care of the car, but I do not know how often he changed the transmission fluid. We just did a 90K checkup, and I have no idea if the fluid was changed.
  12. How is the sound quality of your parrot? Any issues with it? Who installed the control panel and did you install it under the dash? From the company website, it appears to be a pretty decent system but my car is still under warranty and I don't want to compromise that. how did you work around installation and warranty? I just bought a BMW 328 with Bluetooth and the stereo system plays the phone conversation. It is impeccable sound without road noise or any distortion. My wife likes it enough that we would like to find something for her '05 330. Gary i did the installation myself a
  13. Is there supposed to be some sort of indication that the emergency brake is set on my 2000 RX300? My wife always sets it, but I never set the brake in my own car, so I have a bad habit of trying to drive the Lexus with the emergency brake on. (Why doesn't a LEXUS have an automatic release??? Buicks have that!) The shop just told me that the left emergency brake cable has to be replaced for $200. They just disconnected it until we can get the car back to the shop. Also, after the 90K service, the check engine light came on. The code says that it is the rear oxygen sensor. We thought the shop
  14. Okay, so I had the 90K service done by the shop that has done good work for me over the years. There was a communications problem, so they rotated the tires that had just been rotated. But there is a problem. Sometimes when we first start driving the car, it feels like one of the tires has a separated cord or missing weight. Then, after a few minutes the problem disappears. When it gets cold, it does it again. It definitely feels like a tire problem, but I don't know where to look. All of the tires look fine to the untrained eye.
  15. Yeah, that makes the most sense. Thanks.
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