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  1. Dorian, Do what Code says. My bet is that you have either an obstruction in the window track, the window came off the track, or there is a problem with the linkage between the motor and the lift mechanism.
  2. For the windows - Hold the button ALL THE WAY DOWN, THEN HOLD THE BUTTON ALL THE WAY UP ----THEN.....KEEP HOLDING THE WINDOW SWITCH UP FOR AT LEAST 5 SECONDS AFTER THE WINDOW CLOSES. Do this for ALL the windows via the master switch, or individually on each window control. The key is to hold the switches up after the window has closed.
  3. Some details needed: How many miles are on the vehicle? By "shuddering" what exactly do you mean? Are there any differences in vehicle performance since you've noticed the problem?
  4. To do a flush with most machines, it will not matter which line you connect IIRC. I did one on mine at 90K and I do not think it matters as the flow will not be disrupted either way. Usually, there will be a different fitting for each separate line ala A/C High side and Low side connects if there is a difference.
  5. I got 294 THOUSAND miles on my first RX. I had one tranny go out at about the same mileage as you, and had the rebuilt one go out at 294K. Even a rebuilt tranny still has some wear on it, they only replace the clutch plates and some gears and other parts as needed. It will function properly for at least another 80 - 100 K +. So if you are comfortable dropping 4K on the vehicle do it. I would not do it if you do not plan on driving it for at least another 60K. You wouldn't get your money's worth at that point.
  6. I had the servicing done by a Toyota mechanic,apparently the only one there that works on the few Lexus's in town. Would have thought he knew what he was doing.. I just drove it a couple of blocks again to try and better identify the smell nuances and I would have to say it almost smells more like burning rubber then gas.. The VSC light that was on prior to this servicing isnt showing up anymore so I assume that they DID attempt to replace the A/F sensor. Maybe as u say Could have been done improperly .. I will take it back up in the morning... What would excess battery acid smell like
  7. Somehow something just isn't right there ^^^^^^! This compressor isn't being delivered late at night by a guy named Vinnie who looks around to see if anybody is watching is it??? Could you share the source with us? Most of the time when something doesn't seem right, it's because it isn't. (got this new 2011 RX that I'll sell for $15,000. just because I'm in a bind and need the money. By the way, I need it in small bills to pay off all of my creditors, and Oh, another thing, they said the title would be here in about 3 mo., the DMV is kinda backed up). There are actually CHEAPER ones on e
  8. If you had the O2 sensors replaced by someone else, they could have failed to properly to the job and possibly caused another exhaust leak. If they failed to actually reinstall the o2 SENSOR, you would likely have a check engine light on so i don't think that is the issue. Odors could be caused for a variety of causes, but if it is pungent and smells like exhaust or gas, I would certainly check what they did. The Rx330 have been known to have an exhaust gasket leak but you would normally hear a leak that would cause that much odor. Check the battery area and see if they left excess battery
  9. Btindel, It is a fairly straight forward job. Though having a rack to life t the vehicle can make things easier. If not, use large jack stands as you will have to work from both the top and the bottom. You can use extensions placed through the left side of the grill area to use the alternator adjustment bolt to loosen the alternator etc. It can be a bit tricky to get at the bracket bolts of the compressor, and the lines, but nothing that a little hard headedness won't solve. If you take out the alternator it makes it easier to get at, but the compressor comes out of the bottom IIRC
  10. On the RX 300 models the extension piece that actually raises the antenna breaks after time. It is a cheap part and can be replaced easily by removing the rear interior quarter panel covering, along with the antenna securing thing on the exterior. If you can hear the motor running when you turn on the radio, it is the extension piece. If not its likely the motor.
  11. No this is not from your car if the belt number you gave was correct friend. You would know if you were missing a belt fairly soon. A/C and Alternator would not work. OR, Power Steering would not work.
  12. I would certainly make sure you have enough freon in the system. Once you have checked that (I think it should be 1.55 lbs), look to see if yourBLENDOR SERVO is stuck open which allows too much out door air into the system and makes it difficult for the coil to cool all the air to the proper temp. You can also check to make sure you condensor fan is working properly and creating enough air flow over the condensor.
  13. On my old RX300, I had issues twice with the RACK BUSHINGS. These are the bushings that hold the rack to the sub frame. They are rubber. If you have an oil leak, the oil can ruin the rubber bushings. Thus giving quite a large amount of play into the steering system. Please check this!!! Check the rack bushings!!!! I would put money on that being your problem.
  14. Had a small issue with the fan motor connection into the fan ECU. Had to make sure the connection made good contact so the fan could work, but other than that, its been great.
  15. You could have a variety of issues. I would check the following: Loose tie rod end Faulty alignment - check if recently had alignment done bad control arm bushings faulty / worn steering knuckle power steering rack issues Look at the camber angle of the tires as well when parked. Look to see if they are pointed inward or outward.
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