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Check Vsc Message And Vsc Off Indicator On


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Having you tried resetting the message by using one of the trip computer buttons on the steering wheel? I forget which button - your owners manual will tell you. Same thing happened to me when my last battery failed.

I have a 2000LS400 and did not find a description in the user manual on how to reset the VSC indicator using the menu buttons on the steering wheel.

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I just now checked my 2000 LS400 owners manual and saw that I was wrong about using the steering wheel buttons to reset the VSC warning. The function button only temporarily removes the warning message so you can use other functions of the trip computer.

An entire page (180) of the 2000 LS400 owners manual is dedicated to describing how to reset/calibrate the VSC system and eliminate the warning message.

I did not have to follow the procedure described in the manual when I replaced my battery. It did, however, take a day or two for the VSC message to stop re-displaying.

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