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Tanabe Super Medalion Hyper

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I'm about to drop $600-$700 on an exhaust for my 98 gs300, I'm leaning towards the Super Medalion Hyper, because it about $200 less than the touring.

Is there anything I should know about the Hyper b-4 I buy it? and i cant really find out why there is a $200 difference between the hyper and touring...anyone know why? Feel free to let me know if i shouldn't go with tanabe for any reason, and what kind of hp gains could I expect?



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I just bought the Medalion Touring for my IS 300. I have worked with alot of exhaust systems in the past. The major difference between the Hyper and the Touring is the Touring is a lighter exhaust system, and uses the new Edvantex internals that allow high flow, and still be able to put out a very deep, but quiet tone. I also think the finish on the Touring is nicer and the flare tip exhaust is a very nice touch. The Hyper is slightly louder, but not by much, slightly heavier, but I think still 30% lighter than stock.

Tenabe exhaust sytems on a whole are very nice systems though. If your looking for a "mature" deep note that isn't to loud, then your going the right way. If you just want a full flow, loud pipe, then the HKS Dragger series are nice , and Megan puts out a full race pipe including the header that will definitely help you see some HP gains.

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Thanks for the info, would borla be a better choice?

I noticed the Ford SVT in your screen name, so I'm sure you are familiar with Borla Exhausts.I wouldn't say they are a better choice, just s different choice. I think the Borla tends to be alot louder exhaust system though.

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