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What Year Seat Will Fit Into Which Years?

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Hello everyone.

First time posting. Been lurking since I recently decided to put some money into my '92 300 instead of getting rid of her.

Bought some wheels and tires, and will post pics once I get my ISP problems sorted out. I will mention that this site was very helpful in making my decision. Thanks. I love the results, but I don't want to talk about it until I can show it off :P

So, another item I'm thinking about doing is changing out my seats. There's two sets on Ebay right now; one from a '98 or '99 (add contradicts itself), and an 03'. Prices are very reasonable.

My seats stink. Not cause of me of course. The first owner managed to ruin the seats while only putting 25,000 miles on the car in four years!

Has anyone ever done a similar conversion? Is it possible, or do you have to stick with your exact body style? And since we are at it, which years were my body style? '92-'96?

Thanks in advance.


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yes 92/96 is your years but there was some changes in them years but nothing major.

i would think you could put up to 96 seats in yours but i dont think you could go any higher because the 97 seats are a little bigger.

also welcome to the club! :D

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whoa neato. could there be another kevin on the LOC board? =)

well... yeah, kevin i'm looking into the same thing. my dad weighs a good 200+ lbs. and so my front seat is gone. the seams are cracking and i can see the green cushion. <_<

my rear seats are splitting on the cushion as well as the top of the backseat headrest.

i hate texas summers... or actually texas heat and sun in general. i'm hoping to find some seats for cheap too.

hope all goes well with the search.

btw. welcome to LOC. if you got any questions, don't hesitate to ask. even though i haven't been on here in a week or two. <_<

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