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I Just Saw 20" Konigs On A '96 Ls400


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I just saw 20" Konigs on a 2-tone white '96 LS400 at a local lot that sells used luxury cars. Yeah, 20"s. Interesting.... There were 245/35ZR20 Nitto 555 tires on it. Good tires but they wear down fast. I use to have the same tires (18") on my Konig Monsoons which were on my 300ZX. I replaced them with Kumhos. The 20s looked pretty cool and unique. I don't know what model of Konigs they were? They had the car priced at $15K down from $19K (yeah, right). It was late at night so I couldn't see the miles plus the windows were tinted pretty dark like mine. I think the plates were from either Arizona or New Mexico. They had a cactus on it.

I didn't know you could get 20s on a LS400? I would assume the spedometer is out of whack? It looked pretty tuff.

Is $15k about right for a '96?

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Hey Todd, you need to start carrying your digital camera with you. I just gave mine to my daughter when she left for college so I guess I better go buy a new one for myself.

I remember when 60 series tires came out and everyone thought they were cool. 35 series tires are way out there. And yes, I'll bet the speedometer/odometer are way off unless the circumference is the same or they changed the speedometer gear.

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