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  1. I just put my YZ400 up for sale on Craig's List for $1,975. Lots of options... Thanks. :) ←
  2. I just put my YZ400 up for sale on Craig's List for $1,975. Lots of options...I'll leave the link here if anybody is interested. Thanks. :)
  3. Well, I did it. I bought the 20" Alba chromes with tires. I'm meeting the seller this Saturday to pick them up get em on the Lex. He only lives about 30 miles west of me. I'll take pics and upload them here after they go on. bling-bling... They came off a '91 LS400.
  4. Welcome to the burned out dash needle lights, failing gauges club! Naw, just jokin'. I LOVE MY LEX! I was looking at a used Mercedes SLK and a BMW Z14 over the last few months. I can't see dropping that kind of money for a name. My Lex drove smoother than both of those cars. I'll keep the old lady and dress her up.
  5. I'll most likely have 20" chrome rims on my Lex by the weekend. I'll take pics and post here.
  6. I'm most likely buying 20" rims/tires by the end of the week. If I do, I'll sell you my 18" chrome rims with tires for $800 + shipping. I paid $1,600 new a little over a year ago. I get a ton of compliments on these wheels. The Kumho tires have a 50K warranty! Unheard of in performance tires. The picture speaks for itself, click> email me at if you're interested.
  7. Hi SW03ES! Thanks for noticing...I've been very busy with my job. I should check in here regularly since I miss the great people. I always get top notch help and advice here. I don't bother going to any other boards.
  8. The actual odometer is part of the dash. Look at the lower, right hand corner. So whatever dash you buy you will also have the current milage from that one.
  9. Thanks Lexls...I will do some searches here as well. I appreciate your help.
  10. I also want to use the driver side, lower seat leather off the 94 LS400 that I came across. The motor in the seat doesn't work but mine works fine. Is it easy enough to take off the leather from the lower part of the seat (where your butt sits) and reinstall it onto another seat?
  11. I just bought a complete sunroof assembly (mine broke) and a dash out of a local 94 LS400 that was in great condition before the rear end wreck. Came from Geico insurance. The guy from the junk yard called me yesterday and said the 94 dash I bought won't work due to the passenger side airbag. Is this true? Shouldn't it still bolt on but there just won't be a airbag in there?
  12. Try this for $25> I think the chrome look - looks cool less the gold package on this one....
  13. Thanks Lexls....What is the proper procedure for swapping needles? I thought I read somewhere that you could mess up the accuracy of the needle if you pull it out and reinstall it wrong? Something about a coiled spring? I'm not sure, I want to do this right. Thanks.
  14. Has anyone ever seen 20" chrome Alba Bertha 707 wheels on a LS400? I'm about to buy a used set of these. Here's the wheel> The size of the ones I'm looking at are 20X8.5, 5/114.3 & 5/120, 42mm offset I want to make sure these fit. I have the Eibach Pro-Kit installed as well (1" drop). BTW, if I get these. I'll probably put my 18" chrome wheels up for sale here. They look great and the Kumho tires are awesome. I'll upload some pics into the gallery. My previous pics got wiped out of the gallery due to the LOC system crash last year.
  15. My speedo needle light (cold cathode) is half illuminated right now. This is actually on the used replacement dash that I bought from TAP about a year and a half ago. My original dash (non moving speedo and tach) needle lights all work. Can I swap the needle/cold cathode lights into my working dash from my original dash? These dash needle issues are non stop. I may have to contact the almighty Jim Walker?
  16. Yeah, do what I do. Sleep on the couch all day but only get up to grab beer...hehe, jokin..Call the boys at TAP and buy a working speedo cluster (maybe with lower miles too?) then swap it out...I believe I paid $150? It takes about 15-20 mins to swap...pretty easy...The TAP people are cool cats...You'll no longer be tacky, especially at night when that black needle is hard to see....That whining is the tach going all the way out...Like a stripped plastic gear if you'll do it worse when it's cold....Been down that road...
  17. Arghhhhh.....Don't tow things with your Lex...Too nice of a car for that...I just couldn't see towing things behind my Lex. Even though it's a 90....I bought a old '87 Ford F250 to tow my boat and move stuff around. I paid $1,500 for it and it has lots of power and I can beat on it. Change the oil and put gas in it. It's basically disposable. I don't look at my Lex like that.
  18. I put the same Autozone PS pump in my '90 and it seems to be solid. Much cheaper than any other place and it's a rebuild. I've had good luck with Autozone stuff. Great help at the stores too.
  19. I would NOT put regular unleaded in my GSXR750. No way. Why? It's only about 4.8 gallons so the difference is $1 or more. You're driving a sportsbike that's made for performance, not a car. Get as much extra HP as possible because it's fun. I do feel a difference between reg & prem in my bike. It's tuned for premium. Regular unleaded in your Gixxer??? OK.......
  20. That other one should look fine. It looks like it's made of durable plastic? The one I have is painted metal. Ask them what material it's made of. It really doesn't matter. Maybe the plastic is better since no paint can chip?
  21. Yeah, the pocket is nice. My kit looks 100% OEM and clean. Most car stereo install guys say they have to custom make a kit for the gen 1 LS400. I just didn't buy that crap since these cars have been around for almost 15 years. I got the info from another great member here and I bought the kit. Good customer service too. I ordered and received it at my house about 5 days later. It shipped from Utah and I live in Seattle.
  22. Hmmmm, I wouldn't say the K&N filter drops your MPG. It actually increase it. I've used K&N filters in most of my cars. I put them in my past Nissan 300ZX's and they do make a marked improvement. More HP and better MPG. I haven't put one in my LS400 yet though. You must remember that the air to fuel mixture is controlled by the computer (ECU). If there is more air present then the ECU will actually lean out the fuel mixture, especially when not needed (i.e. freeway). I would say drive the car for another week or 2 then see if your MPG increases. The computer has to re-train itself. This is normal.
  23. $29.95. This is where I bought my dash kit for my gen 1 LS400 last year. It works and looks great. But I do like that little pocket below the stereo on the one above. Is that what it is?
  24. Yeah, I think the stupid Wal Mart only put in 4.5 or less synthetic a few months ago? My oil light came on when driving home from a long trip a few weeks ago. I pulled over at a gas station and put in another quart. The light hasn't been on since. How low is the oil when the light comes on? It only seemed like half full on the dip stick. But then it's hard to tell since I didn't let the car cool down enough. I have no oil leaking and I don't see any smoke indicating burning. The car runs perfect.
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