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Wanted: Driving Impressions Of The Es330


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:P Postings on this and other websites indicate that the new ES330 has arrived, and that we even have some new owners (congratulations :cheers: ). I would love to get the impressions of people who have had the opportunity to take an extended ride. Most noteably, do you feel an increase in acceleration, is there any change in ride/handling, and is the recurrent (some say alleged) transmission problem still there? Finally, for those who bought, have you been successful in getting a discount off or MSRP? Thanks, Jeff :geek:

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There is a new owner as one of the last few postings on the "From Lexus, 2004 Es300 List of Changes" topic on this website (currently on page 3 of the index). There is a brief test ride review on another board (I don't know if I can describe it further).

Jeff :whistles:

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Looks like I'm the first. B)

I picked up my new ES330 two days ago. I used carbargains.com to get $1,000 off the price (although it cost me $198). I then told the dealer that they were offering me a $3,000 discount on the Infiniti G35, so he took another $450 off. I felt that $1450 discount was pretty good when I got the first one in town and he knew how badly I wanted it. Final price was about $1000 less than a comparably equipped '03.

You might save yourself $200 by calling your dealer's sales manager and say you want the negotiated Car Bargains price. He knows that if you spend $200 he has to give it to you, so he might give it to you without paying the money.

Anyway, I got the Alabaster with light gray interior. Premium package (which isn't much more than CD changer and a few minor bells and whistles). I wanted the navigation, but couldn't convince my wife to let me spend the extra money - particularly since you need to buy Mark Levinson with Navigation unless you want a 4 month wait for a special ordered vehicle.

Anyway, initial impressions are very, very favorable. It feels a bit more peppy than the 300, but I'm not really the person to ask since I haven't driven it very hard. That is especially true of a brand new car. In normal driving, however, it has plenty of power and I'm quite happy. Noise level is essentially unchanged from the '03 (which means very quiet).

Fuel mileage on the highway is a bit better than I expected - about 31 mpg according to the computer, but I haven't really gone far so that may be a fluke.

I miss having radio controls on the wheel (like my old Acura TL), but otherwise love the car. All I can say is that I really liked the Acura and my older Mazda 929, but this is the first car I've really loved.

For the question that many of you are asking, I haven't noticed any transmission issues or lag. You may not want to put too much stock into that since I didn't notice any with the '03 models I drove either (3 different cars).

Interestingly, I received an email today from HQ that we are now going to extend company cars to 5 years and 100,000 miles. The old rule was 4 years and 72,000 miles (whichever comes first). If my car had arrived 2 days later, I'd still be driving the TL for another year. Thank goodness the cars arrived early (the dealer originally said October).

All I can say is that it's a great car and I'd recommend one to anyone. :cheers:

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My dad gets a company car up to $40,000 every 3 years or 50,000 miles. He's driving an LS400 now that conveniently came off lease when they initiated the program, so he just let them buy it off lease but now its time for a new one. I keep trying to talk him into letting them buy him an ES330, because honestly the only thing I think you loose over the LS is the power, a little rear seat room and some prestige (although in my experience 80% of people see "Lexus" and its all the same, they dont know its not a $65,000 car) but he's still hung up on the "flagship" bit and it going to cut a deal with his company to go halfsies on a new LS430.

Seeing that I own my company, I'm viewing mine as a company car I gave myself lol :blink:

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We bought our 330 in Bakersfield, Ca. on Sunday August 31 and it was the first one sold there. The MRSP was $38,664. with all options for California. Nav, Lev, AVS, adjustable pedals, etc. but no chrome wheels. We added $1700 chrome wheels on top of the MRSP for a total of $40,364 and then the dealer discounted back to a total price of $37,026. The trasmission works well for us and we love our Lexus also :)

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