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Bypass Dvd/nav System Block While Moving?

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Is there a way to keep a movie playing on the nav screen while moving? the salesman told me to pull the parking brake up a tick or two and that worked once, but have never been able to get it to work since.

also is there a way to bypass the block on inputting destinations into the nav system while moving?

not for the driver to use of course, just the front passenger :rolleyes:

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DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS....ok you have to trust me..those damn things are tempermental when it comes to that stuff....if you ground the wrong wire or splice the wrong thing it will short...die....void the warrenty....and cost about six grand to fix just in's not a good idea! far as this shop in nyc....hey whatever floats your boat but at least they ar professionals (i hope). if you really want to know how to bypass the dvd cut out i can get that answer from our electrical guy...(no promise i will remember it though)

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Just a note of caution for California drivers. A new law goes into effect on January 1, 2004. This law states that video screens in a vehicle are prohibited if the vehicle is being driven while a TV broadcast or video display is operating and the screen is forward of the driver's seat. The bill, which exempts GPS, formerly applied only to television. This will be a tough law to enforce but being a law, there will be an associated fine and a possible requirement that proof of correction be verified by law enforcement.

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You should NEVER do this, it is against the law... but a friend of mine showed me his Front/Rear DVD/NAV system on a 2004 Toyota Sienna. It is ridiculously simple:

There is a single-wire sensor connector that attaches to the top of the emergency brake pedal on all Lexus and Totyota vehicles. This can be lifted-off the brake pedal by squeezing the little tab in the middle and pulling upward gently on the connector.

Take a small wire (with a switch in line if you like) and connect one end to the inside of this connector by pushing it in (or go to an auto parts store and get a wire connector to make it permanent). Take the other end of this wire (or switch harness) and connect it to any part of the frame under the dashboard/floorboard area. You are trying to ground this wire to the frame.

When this sensor wire is grounded to the frame, the "brake" warning light will appear on the dashboard, though no other systems are affected.

In order to get the DVD to display in the front Nav/DVD panel, it is necessary to press the "Disc" button one time while the brake sensor is grounded. This will "fool" the system into believing that the parking brake is applied.

For some reason there does not seem to be any motion-sensor on the DVD part of the Nav/DVD system. Even though this trick works to enable the DVD system while the vehicle is in motion, it does NOT enable one to input a new destination into the GPS system while in motion. You still have to stop to do this.

Please do not use this for driving! Be safe.

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I noticed something unusual about how this works.... any similar observations?

The only wire modified is the emergency brake wire is grounded.

For some reason, the only way this works out without doing anything to any speed sensor wires is as follows:

The brake wire grounding must occur only "after" the initial car startup and clearance of the "safety warning" screen by clicking "Agree". Then one grounds out the emergency brake. On the car I saw this was done with a switch under the dash that was within reach. Then, the "disc" button was pressed to bring up the DVD menu.

Now the unusual part:

On some occassions the dvd worked immediately and continued to work regardless of motion. On other occassions, the DVD would not work initially, but then would begin to work after several minutes so long as the DVD was selected on the DVD/NAV screen (only audio would play during this time). All of a sudden the DVD would display up front and then would continue to work normally the rest of the time.

Conclusions / Guesses? My initial thought is that there "is" a speed sensor wire that is also needed to be "cut" but perhaps it is "loose" on this vehicle and comes loose at some point while driving? OR, perhaps the safety aspect of the motion sensor software has a time limit on it and after a certain number of minutes does not continue checking?

I've seen articles on other websites showing that the speed sensor wire is green/white on 2003 toyota/lexus vehicles and is violet/white on 2004 vehicles. Anyone have any further info on which wire controls the speed sensor for these cars? Also, on the Sienna (vs. Lexus) the DVD/Nav control box is located easy to reach under the passenger seat, rather than in the trunk or behind the dash. Anyone have any pictures or info on which wire would be the one?

Any other thoughts on this unusual success story (intermittant)?

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:D VISIT we posted an entire post on how to

MOD the DVD, AND the NAV. They both work perfectly.

DO NOT screw with the brake switch. You have to follow the DVD Mod

instructions, but use the Switch for the NAV MOD. You want to be able

to engage and disengage the speed sensor to the Nav Unit. Then you can

enter an address, flip the switch back to the engage position and go about your

merry way. READ BOTH Posts carefully!!


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