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Leaking Green?

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I also have another question. I noticed in my garage where I park my IS 350, there was a green substance on the ground, not much, of what looks like the antifreeze, just curious if I should be concerned? Has anyone else noticed this? I do run the air a lot since I'm trying to keep the car smelling new :) Not sure if that would cause that.

I just had it in for the 1k mile checkup and forgot to mention it, however, they didn't say anything was wrong at the checkup. Though, I wish I would have had them check that out. Should I bring it in again? My guess is at my next oil change I'll have them look at it unless it gets worse or you guys say I should have them look at it ASAP.


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Phew! I was a little worried, Condensation does sound correct, I couldn't imagine having leaks already... but that totally makes sense, I'll keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't get worse, but right now its not much.

Thanks again!


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Take a look in the overflow tank behind the radiator. You'll see what color the coolant is.

The air conditioner removes water from the humid air and that water has to go somewhere. It almost always comes out through a hose near the engine and onto the floor when you park.

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