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Does Lexus Premium Audio System Play Mp3's?

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I was wondering if the lexus premium audio system plays mp3 files burned on cds? I know the ML does.

I do not know which system you refer to as "premium audio".

The standard audio (Pioneer made) here in Hong Kong play MP3 files perfectly.

According to the US manual, both the standard audio (see p. 187of Standard Audio (US manual) ) and the one with NAV (see p. 188 of Audio/Video System in US manual) in 2nd generation IS play MP3 on CDR.

So I suppose playing MP3 is no reason for you to choose a Mercede instead :rolleyes:

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Thanks for the reply. I was referring to the standard audio with Navigation.

I searched in other forums and it does play mp3s!

I am going to make that trip to the dealer tomorrow and may return with a new IS!

The audio systems available for the IS all play mp3 burned on CDs. They also all play WMAs burned on CDs.

However the ML has problems with mp3s/wmas burned on DVD. there were discussions on how to go around that problem, but I havent tried it myself so cant really say if it works or not.

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