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Roof Rack, Ski Rack, Etc For A '91 Ls 400 ?


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I would like to put a rack on the roof of my LS400. What pointers can anyone provide as to options?

Thank you in advance - Dan

I absolutely hate (HATE!) the wind roar produced by roof racks so much that the last pair of skis I bought were the the very longest I could bend and force into the trunk of my 00 LS. Very bad idea. Going from 200+ cm skis down to 160+ cm was not pretty.

If I were to try a roof rack again, I would go for a magnetic one so I would not have to worry about compressing the door gaskets.

It might look a little funny on an LS (who cares!) but I would rather have a hitch mounted ski rack like one of these: http://www.prolineracks.com/hitch-mounted-ski-racks.html

I have a hitch mounted bike rack that I love and it has lasted for almost 20 years of regular use. And there is zero wind noise with a hitch mounted rack.

They have ski areas around Portland? I skiied a little area called Timberline on Hood a couple of years ago -- it was pretty neat being taken to the top in a snow cat but not so neat skiing down in almost total whiteout.

Good luck!

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