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Vibration And Noise

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I have just purchased a 1995 GS300 with 75000 miles. The car looks absolutely new so at least cosmetically it has been cared for. When I test drove the car I felt a high frequency vibration, I would normally associate with a wheel bearing. It could also have been a tire balance problem. I did not feel it was a major problem.

I confronted my seller with this and he produced multiple records of getting a new set of tires, alignments, etc.

I drove the car today for the first time for a good length of time to reach a golf course which involved backroads and superhighways. I did feel a slight shimmy around 55 mph.

The noise and vibration is very minor, but the car does not drive, or ride, like a Lexus.

I have seen on the web chronic occurrences of bent wheels.

Can anyone help me to attack this problem to minimize me financial problems.

Thanks, Wayne

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ok is the vibration when your driving or when hitting the brakes?if its when your hitting the brakes i would say it needs rotors.

if its when your driving without hitting the brakes at 55mph then i would say either tires or a possible bent rim but im leaning towards the tires.hope this helps!

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this seems to be a very common problem with the gs series. if you do a search i'm sure you'll find many, many posts about this. in general the problem seems to be that your wheels may need to be re-balancing or as stated by bbsal could be your rotors if it happens when you're braking.

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