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Noise In Front End


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We have a 2003 Lexus GX 470 and I am starting to believe we have a lemon. My biggest but not only problem is a noise coming from somewhere in the driver's side front end. It is high pitced and intermittent. It usually occurs at highway speeds but have also heard it at 20-30mph. As soon as my foot touches the brake pedal (and I mean barely) it goes away but soon returns when I take my foot off of the brake. When I first noticed it the vehicle had about 8k miles on it. Took it in and was told that it was a wind noise. remedy was foam insulation. As soon as I got it back noise returned. It went back a second time and driver's side axle was replaced. noise is still present. It is now going back for it's third time for the same problem. Is anyone else having this problem?

Other more minor problems I've had include outside temperature gauge not working correctly all the time. Both front turn signals prematurely burned out. Rear seat entertainment headphones auto shutoff in cold weather a few times until interior of vehicle ambient temperature warms up.


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