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  1. What did they do differntly then the prev times that fixed it this time? ← that, i truthfully have to say, i don't know! ;) but the tech who did it finally used their knwoledge they learned at Lexus school and finally applied it to my GX! :cheers: :cheers: ← Please shed some light on this. What does your repair reciept say?? Thanks in advance.
  2. Out here in the Bay Area, there is a TV Action Line for consumer protection. Maybe you have the equivalent out there. No business wants to end up being talked about on the TV news. What exactly does "included" and "deal" mean. If you didn't pay for the factory installed DVD rear entertainment option and it's not listed on the window sticker as an option, what was the agreement with the dealership? ← To tell you the truth it is possible that the audiovox integrates into the system better than the factory one. Can you actually turn on the DVD without breaking your back from the
  3. Ok, coming up on 15K miles and I have a dilemma. Do you all pay the 250 bucks and get the 15K service or do you all just get an oil change at jiffy lube and rotate the tires yourself?
  4. geewiss, did u have ur a/c fixed? oh btw, nice 2 c u here too bro! I took my truck in for the TSB on the air conditioning. They first tried to talk me out of getting it fixed because they said it is an 8 hour fix and they wanted to be absolutley sure that I was having a problem first. I told them to fix it and the driveshaft while they were at it. They did and now it seems alot cooler.
  5. I beg to differ. Lexus has put out a TSB on the sulfer smell and I just had it performed on mine. Seems that the gas theory was just to buy time.
  6. I just got my truck back. My wife drove it back from the dealer and said she didn't feel the thump and that the air conditioning seems a lot colder. I have not actually driven it yet but it seems that the TSB's has corrected the problem. My advise to those who are having a problem with their dealer is to call Lexus Corp. and complain!!
  7. I don't buy it!! I called lexus corp. and they then had the driveshaft ready to be installed. I am getting it installed as of last Friday.
  8. Ok, I have been calling my local Lexus dealer (Lexus of Annapolis) and it seems that I have been getting the run around about getting my driveshaft replaced. About 4 months ago he said they should have the driveshaft in a few weeks. Well, every time I call I get another story. Today the story was that the manufacturer has 640 on back order nationwide and that they are only shipping out 80 at a time. But of course I am the first on the list, YEAH YEAH YEAH!! Anyone else have these sort of problems? Please provide any advice. Unhappy Lexus GX470 owner.
  9. Has anyone put the electric start system on their GX? If so how do they bypass the chip?
  10. may be the throttle body. Have you already done the recall?
  11. Try They have many types of seat covers.
  12. I would try EBAY. Since your buyers are all over the US you should get a higher resale value.
  13. This is GREAT news!!! Thanks for the information.
  14. What did the dealer say when you asked them to buy it back?
  15. I know this is a Lexus forum but my lexus is the reason that I want to get rid of my Acura. I am trying to sell a 2001 Acura 3.2 TL (Blue). It is in excellent condition and has under 30000 miles. Please email me at if you are interested in pictures and more information. I am asking 20500 and I am located in the Maryland area. Have a great day
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