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i think i am going to go for that new gadget iQue 3600.

you guys with the navigation package, do you get good reception in the cabin? if any 2000 owners have experience, i would be interested in hearing from him/her.

i don't think i am going to take it in to the city, but we do have some development even out in the burbs.

also, if anyone else has considered or has bought a GPS, i'd appreciate any tips.

thanks, as always.

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I'm not sure what you're asking for.

I think you're asking if the owners of an integrated GPS system have any reception problems.

The answer to that would be No, not due to the cabin.

The antenna would be an exterior one, and would depend solely on it's view of the sky at the time.

Remember that GPS depends on multiple satellites in view at any one time.

If you have 3 you get a fix.

If you have 4 you get a better fix along with better altitude information.

Well you get the idea.

The problem with a handheld in a vehicle is that you can be affected more by 'urban canyons' and other obstructions. As the device's antenna doesn't have a complete view of the sky no matter where you place it.

However, that said...

I've had a Garmin for about 6 years now. I put it up on the dash and it does fine, rarely loses satellite lock. Tells me where I am and all of the fun stuff a GPS unit does. It's just not quite a convenient as a built in unit.


96 ES300 w/ 92k.

New forum member and utterly sigless right now.

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