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The Heat Is On


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New member.

You guys have some great tips.

I have a 1990 LS 400 with 190K, the car still drives great.

However, there are a few known problems with it.

The AC is not working and the climate control LCD is black.

Please,I need some help with this.

The heat is on all the time, the off button does not turn it off.

The heat is on low but with no AC in the summer you can imagine how hot the car is.

How do you turn the heat off?


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you may have a dampener door stuck

but you need to read tehdisplay to check it

to read the display you usually need ot heat it with a hair dryer

then there is a self diagnostic procedure to get fault codes

do a search if you can get the screen to work

for the codes and how to retirve them

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