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Buy And Sell Forum Specific Rules


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If all points are not included it will be assumed you are being vague to defraud a member which will not be tolerated,the thread will be removed with no further explanation.So please do it right the first time.

New members cannot post any for sale items.

Do not post a for sale item in another forum to bypass the filter as you will be warned/banned and the thread removed.

The only way to post a new a for sale thread being a new member is to become a gold member .This is done so that you can support the club which you would choose to use to sell your items.It is a full circle deal,you help the club the club helps you.

<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>All posts in the buy and sell section MUST!!!</span>

1. post a location of the seller

2. have an asking price

3. state if new or used( then how old )

4. receipt from original purchase, including where it was purchased

5. your name ( should be no problem if you would like someones money in exchange )

6. Shipping, if it is included or not and how much to areas

7. NO EBAY LINKS. If you have an eBay auction it will cost you to have a link placed on the LOC to receive more dedicated Lexus owners traffic to your auction. You are selling it on eBay to make as much as you can ,not to help a fellow Lexus owner getting a part.

8,THIS IS A MUST, NO BUMPING OR MOVING THE THREAD UP,unless you change the price or something is sold to add or remove from the thread.You bump and it WILL be locked.

things to keep in mind is :

If you are selling tires,state the tires size speed rating ,model+ make and name of company who makes them

eg. 225/40 18 z toyo proxes t1-s

also a $2 tread depth gauge would also be good to state the true actual thread depth, as everyone says it has 80% left

If selling rims state the size width offset and curb damage and what car it was on.

If selling a product that is model specific ,please do not double post it in the buy and sell section and then the model forum section , the rest will be deleted .

please state if you have a pay pal account and it is is verified as well , if you do.

If you are a new member to the LOC and are trying to sell something

please be as specific as possible to every detail possible of the product.

As this forum is not a buy and sell for business with free advertising.

If it is felt you are a business the post will be deleted and you will have 48 hours to respond .

this information is to protect the members of the "LOC"

if you do not agree with protecting anyone's interests besides yourself, then please do not post

If you are a business please contact myself or another team moderator /admin for detail on opening an advertising account

this goes for group buys as well

they must be ok'd first by the club before being posted

thank you

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