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Cupholder Doesnt Want To Come Out Automatically!

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i think this topic has been mentioned way back but i try using the search button option but for some reason it just ends up showing the most recent posts :o anyways, i open that cover thats inside the center console and i dont seem to notice anything stuck. i hope nothing is broken since its costly to replace anything for a lexus (unless u get lucky in ebay :D )

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sorry i am lost on what you are saying

do you press the cupholder bar of wood and the CH does not automatically come out unless you pull it out

or it just wont come out even if you pull on it

i would sayt eh tracks arre full of coke orsome sugar base that is gumming up it

claen em and should be ok after

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i wouldn't use wd40 as it might damge the wood finish below

a good cleaner like windex or spray clean form most dealers or spray nine on a q tip run along the rails should help alot

then use some white grease or siicone spray on the track

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